So how do we work ?

If you like one of the options on our website or have a different request then click booking LINK and send us your request or PREFERABLY use the form on the page.

We will then reply with a quote .  We take into consideration your time of arrival or departure, where you hotel is located and we aim to provide you with the best price.

On paying you will receive an email confirming your booking and details including full local phone numbers.

Booking in advance

We strongly advise that you book in advance. In high season (from May – October) especially, cruise ship days we like most companies can get very busy. We will always give priority to those who have reserved in advance. We hate turning down bookings so please bear this in mind! It is very rare that we have availability within 24 hours or arrival.

What Kind of boats do you use?

We work with the leading water taxi company in Venice. We have over 50 boats that could be assigned to us on any service. They can vairy in age and style from wood, partial wood and fibre glass. New boats and older ones.
We can for a supplement guarantee a wood boat or a luxury craft.

Will the taxi be waiting for me on arrival?

When our assistant meets you they will the advise the water taxi company that we are going to the dock/pier. The taxi will be assigned to us from the moment the phone call is made. Especially, in peak times there maybe a short waiting time whilst the taxi comes into position. Our assistant will be with you during this time and will co ordinate your arrival. We can of course have the taxi waiting for you from a specific time this will be at an additional cost.

On your departure the taxi is booked for a specific time. We to prefer  to leave a bit of leeway in case of water traffic or taxi delays.

How long is the journey?

From the airport it takes about 30 minutes to get to the city – However some hotels might take a bit longer. For departing passengers we calculate in the walk from the pier to the terminal.

From the station and the port the journey time will depend on the location of your accommodation

I can see that my hotel is next to a small canal why can’t you drop us off there?

We work with the only water taxi company who will try to get into side canals, hotel docks on back canals. However we have to respect the rules of the water. Some small canals water taxis are not permitted to enter. In this case we will walk you from the nearest point. We will always make it clear on our communication with you.

Why do you not sell just the taxi on arrival without the assistant?

Although we at VQT own a taxi we are not primarily a taxi company but a Transfer company. All our arrival services are with an assistant who deals with the organisation of the taxi. If we sold just taxis we would still need someone to monitor arrivals and the taxis and we prefer to do this in person – if there are problems we deal with them and not you!

A few specifics


Payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express bank transfer. We send you a secure payment link. Please note that the percentage charged by the handlers will be included in your quote. (This varies from 2.5%-4% )
For services under €500.00 we ask for full payment in advance. For anything over this then we require a 50% deposit. The remaining amount can be settled either prior to your arrival via card.
Services can be altered or cancelled up to 48hrs before at 50% charge where transport only is concerned. However when there is an assistant then 48hrs -0 the full amount is due.
In the case of custom made tours , packages and all non transfer services cancellation charges are based on each individual service and we will advise you on request when booking.
We understand that often flight, train schedules do change, you can get diverted or flights and trains can get cancelled. Each situation will be treated individually. However, when we have an assistant waiting then extra charges could be incurred. You will be provided with a local phone number with your booking confirmation we ask that you call/text as soon as you are aware of any changes.

Luggage deposit

It is vital that all luggage is locked when left in our care. Our staff are professionals and trustworthy , our deposit is a secure lock up . We will not accept any claims for items mislaid or cases damaged after the luggage has been returned to you.


We will always endeavour to provide you with the transport that you have booked. If there are exceptional circumstances then we reserve the right to change the mode of transport even at the last minute. Should the service cost less then you will be refunded. FYI this tends to happen when there is fog and the boats are unable to get to and from the airport, so we take you via land.


Venice holds various regattas and events often delaying or reducing the access to various parts of the city. We will endeavour to keep you updated and advise you of any alternatives.


Venice is tidal and we get high and low tides. Often restricting the access to water doors in some smaller canals. We aim to get you as near as possible in these situations. In the case of predicted Acqua alta we often bring transfers forward in order to reduce inconvenience (and getting wet feet) before you fly.

Cell phone number

We ask that with every booking made you provide us with a cell number you intend to use when you are in Venice. We will not disturb you unless it is really needed.